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Sporting Life

The island is a great place for relaxing, but it also has a very active community with a great sporting tradition. In partnership with the neighbouring island of Bryher, Tresco maintains competitive gig crews, a cricket team and a table tennis club.

Tresco and Bryher Cricket Club

Tresco and Bryher Cricket Club (T&BCC) is a key part of island sporting life. Cricket has been played on Tresco since the 1850s and until very recently the island's cricket pitch was to be found on Abbey Green.

About five years ago the club relocated to pastures new in Old Grimsby, with the Community Centre as its well-equipped and spacious pavilion. Regular games are played between the islands. T&BCC play St Mary's on alternate Thursdays (20 over games). Matches against teams from St Martin's and St Agnes are spread throughout the season and are usually played on Sundays (25 over games). The Off-Island Triangle Competition, with its Danny Hick Trophy, is keenly fought for between ourselves, St Martin's and St Agnes with three 20 over games during the course of a single day. Another important date in the cricketing calendar is the Hound Cup, which is played between St Mary's and a combined Off-Island XI.

Over the season we are fortunate to be visited by a few touring club sides from the mainland, who always seem to enjoy the boating to matches and the pub, as well as the cricket, of course. The club's Fixtures Secretary is Mike Nelhams who can be contacted on +44 (0)1720 424105. Cricket may be a popular pastime on Tresco but, with our small population, there are occasions when we struggle to raise a full XI. Any visitors who might be interested in a game or are interested in becoming members of T&BCC should contact our captain Ross Dunstone on 01720 424115.

Tresco and Bryher Rowing Club

The club was only founded in 1982, but the tradition of racing gigs on Scilly goes back to the nineteenth century, when it was not just a recreation but a way of life. The club has four wooden gigs: Czar, Men-a-vaur, Emperor and Alfie Jenkins, as well as our fibre glass training gig, Tryher. 

There are both men's and ladies' crews, as well as crews for veterans and juniors. Our ladies' veterans crew were the 2011 world champions! The men race on a Friday night and the ladies on a Wednesday night, from May to September. Usually the races alternate between trophy races and swap races. The swap races involve all the island crews rowing in different gigs in each race until all crews have competed in all the gigs. These races are always from Nut Rock to St Mary's quay, a distance of about a mile. The swaps run throughout the season in a league format. The trophy races are a mix of one-off events throughout the season and include short sprints as well as gruelling long-distance races.

Vessels from Tresco Boats follow the men's races every Friday and supporters are very much encouraged to come along. Please feel free to scream as loudly as you like!

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