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Walk Between Tresco & Bryher

The islands of Tresco and Bryher may be very close neighbours - the channel between them is just 250 yards or so at the narrowest point - but nevertheless they enjoy very separate identities.

However, every so often extreme Spring Tides mean the watery barrier between the two islands falls away for a few precious hours, giving a unique opportunity to walk across and sample the delights of another island, accompanied by the smug feeling of having somehow beaten the elements.

Below are the dates, times and heights of low tides when it should be possible to walk between Tresco and Bryher, but always check on the day with Tresco Boat Services (01720 423373) or the Island Office (01720 422849), as the information below is a prediction and tides can be altered by atmospheric pressure, wind and weather. Never attempt to walk across in mist, fog or poor visibility.

If you'd like to read more about walking between Tresco and Bryher, please take a look at the Tresco Times here. Or get a great insight into the experience by listening to Radio 4's Open Country with Helen Mark, which follows her making the crossing on a spring tide in "Walking on water, Isles of Scilly"

Tresco's Harbourmaster has some golden rules for those walking between Tresco and Bryher... These include wearing appropriate footwear, checking tide times and the weather forecast, never walking in fog, and always telling someone what you are doing. If you've never done the walk before it is also a good idea to ask the Island Office for advice on the best route so you do not get wetter than necessary!

Never attempt to walk back more than half an hour after low tide - just wait and take a boat home! If in doubt, just ask the Island Office (01720 422849) or Tresco Boat Service (01720 423373).


2018 Low Tide Dates

April 2018

Sunday 1st - 12:38 (0.4m)

Monday 2nd - 13:15 (0.5m)


Monday 16th - 12:09 (0.6m) *

Tuesday 17th - 12:47 (0.6m) *

Wednesday 18th - 13:26 (0.6m) *


May 2018

Wednesday 16th - 12:24 (0.6m) *

Thursday 17th - 13:07 (0.6m) *


June 2018

Thursday 14th - 12:05 (0.6m) *

Friday 15th - 12:53 (0.6m) *

Saturday 16th - 13:42 (0.6m) *


July 2018

Friday 13th - 11:51 (0.6m) *

Saturday 14th - 12:41 (0.5m)

Sunday 15th - 13:31 (0.5m) *

Monday 16th - 14:20 (0.6m) *


August 2018

Saturday 11th - 11:39 (0.6m) *

Sunday 12th - 12:28 (0.5m)

Monday 13th - 13:15 (0.4m)

Tuesday 14th - 14:00 (0.5m)


September 2018

Sunday 9th - 11:25 (0.6m) *

Monday 10th - 12:11 (0.4m)

Tuesday 11th - 12:54 (0.4m)

Wednesday 12th - 13:36 (0.5m)


October 2018

Tuesday 9th - 11:51 (0.5m)

Wednesday 10th - 12:31 (0.5m)

Thursday 11th - 13:10 (0.6m) *


December 2018

Monday 24th - 11:59 (0.6m) *

Tuesday 25th - 12:48 (0.6m) *


N.B. Dates marked * indicate the low tide is above our usual recommended maximum walking tide depth of 0.5m, though it may still be possible to make the crossing safely. On these dates it is particularly important to check weather conditions, actual tidal range and walking routes carefully with the Island Office or Tresco Boat Services before setting out.

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