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The Low Tide Event

Join us in 2019 for a truly unique Scillonian experience, mid-channel between the islands of Tresco and Bryher...

When lunar forces combine to create dramatic Spring Tides, the channel between Tresco and Bryher is dry enough to cross between the islands on foot. Part way across is a long sandbar, usually under 20 feet of seawater. Never ones to pass up an opoportunity for a shindig, we thought: that sounds like a good spot for a party!

Shortly before low tide, our teams will hop through the shallows to set up benches, a bar and firepits on the sandbar as the water recedes.

When the tide is low enough, people will begin making their way across from Tresco and Bryher, meeting in the middle to enjoy this totally unique Scillonian experience. There will be lots to pack in to the short space of time we'll have on the sandbar before the flood tide once again steals it away.

Everybody is welcome to join us for this free festival; food and drink will be available (cash only).

Please check weather and tide conditions before crossing by contacting the Island Office (01720 422849). Never attempt to walk across in mist, fog or poor visibility.


In 2019 our Low Tide Events take place on:

  • Saturday 20th April 2019 - from around 12pm
  • Sunday 1st September 2019 - from around 12:30pm (including live music from Fabulous 59 Ford)

What's On?

The Low Tide Experience may be a race against the tide, but there will be plenty to do, making this a unique experience, including live music and games.

There will be a feast of food and drink, with a popup Tresco BBQ and bar, a Hell Bay gin bar, and a stall from Bryher's Island Fish selling fresh fish, shellfish and paella.

Of course, being mid-channel gives you the option of spending the afternoon on Bryher or Tresco after the event, and Tresco Boat Services will provide a boat between Tresco and Bryher later in the day.

Please note: All payment at the event is cash only.

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