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Visiting Scilly by Lydia Sheppard

A lyrical appreciation of the Isles of Scilly.

Scilly – the Gulf Stream caresses and warms your senses as the mild climate weaves it magic and puts in place a memory that keeps bringing you back.

Blackberries, butterflies and plumpscious sparrows and a ‘hello’ from every passerby.

White wispy clouds scudding across blue skies reflected in a turquoise sea – the silence only disturbed by the buzzing of a bumble bee.

The smell of the ocean as waves pound the shoreline and sift the sand scattered with diamonds glistening in the sun.

Pink Thrift swaying in a gentle breeze and cliff paths clad in soft mounds of purple Heather that cushion the footfall with every step.

Golden sunsets illuminating the evening clouds as the red orb of the sun reflected in a dark blue sea, disappears over the horizon.

Standing in awe at flora and fauna that really belong elsewhere, but somehow seem perfectly at home.

Shells of every hue collecting in rocky corners of a deserted beach and wondering where those ‘man-Friday’ footprints may lead.

A stunning coastal walk, quietly remote and there around a corner, a sign, → Teas – surely that can’t be !

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Sipsmith and Samphire…the Trescotini has landed at the Ruin Beach Cafe

Through the art and knowledge of Sipsmith’s ace mixologist Jared Brown, the Ruin Beach Cafe is now serving a brand new martini with a distinctive Scillonian twist….ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Trescotini.

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Island news

New Terminal at Land’s End Airport

The new passenger terminal at Land’s End Airport opened its doors for the first time on Tuesday (9 April), following the completion of the £1 million project.

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The Abbey Garden from the air

The garden captured on film.

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