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Tresco & Bryher Cricket 2013

Played 18 Won 3 Second Place 13 Inter-club games 2

The 2013 season will not go down in the annals of the club as a golden year in terms of results but it was certainly one of the jolliest. If there is a lasting memory of the season that will survive the befuddling hospitality of the New Inn, it would be of our opening pair of batsmen, father and son, David and Luke Hamilton. An unbeaten 110 vs. Bays Hill and a similar partnership vs. St Agnes in the Triangle Tournament were amongst the highlights. The Triangle was the scene of note for Hamilton Snr in particular, who opened in both matches, scoring 79 not out vs. St Agnes and 78 not out vs. St Martin’s – an unbeaten stand of 177 in 40 overs. The Triangle saw our best performances, beating St Martin’s convincingly and only narrowly losing to St Agnes, who went on to win the tournament.
T&BCC members have never been known for their sartorial elegance on or off the field – 2013 provided further proof of this as club members were sometimes seen sporting a natty pink beret. This stylish headgear is awarded to any player who drops a catch in the field. The miscreant has to wear the beret until the next catch is dropped. Thankfully this means that no-one ever wears the thing for long.
As always it was a delight to see our regular touring sides Bugle, Bays Hill and the Truro Doctors, as well as welcoming Collingbourne C.C. for their first Scilly tour – thank you to the Shepherds of Townshill and sorry about the rain!
Most importantly a big thank you to our lovely tea ladies, Mandy, Kate, Emma and Richenda! 

Cricket stats 2013
Dave Johnson - 20 runs/wicket, 4 runs/over
Richard Dyche - 20.31 runs/wicket, 5.9 runs/over
Andy Lawson - 19.1 runs/wicket, 5.1 runs/over
Pete Marshall - 21.5 runs/wicket, 6.7 runs/over
Bryce Daniel - 16 runs/wicket, 4.9 runs/over
Al Moore - 14.3 runs/wicket, 5 runs/over
Mike Foster - 59.5 runs/wicket, 7.1 runs/over
David Hamilton - 15 runs/wicket, 6.4 runs/over
Jon Taylor - 78 runs/wicket, 7.3 runs/over

DJ - 20 overs, 80 runs, 4 wickets, 2 maidens
RD - 54.3 overs, 325 runs, 16 wickets, 2 maidens
AL - 70 overs, 363 runs, 19 wickets, 5 maidens
PM - 41.5 overs, 280 runs, 13 wickets
BD - 39 overs, 193 runs, 12 wickets, 1 maiden
AM - 28.1 overs, 143 runs, 10 wickets, 1 maiden
MF - 33.5 overs, 238 runs, 4 wickets
DH - 14 overs, 90 runs, 6 wickets, 1 maiden
JT - 32 overs, 234 runs, 3 wickets

David Hamilton - 72 runs/innings
Al Moore - 43 runs/innings
Luke Hamilton - 35.8 runs/innings
Jon Taylor - 19.7 runs/innings
Andy Lawson - 17.7 runs/innings
Pete Marshall - 18.6 runs/ innings
Bryce Daniels - 10.3 runs/innings
Will Ash - 12.5 runs/innings
Richard Dyche - 9.4 runs/ innings
Mike Foster - 12.75 runs/innings
Jamie Parkes - 6.25 runs/ innings

DH - 432 runs, 321 balls, 11 innings, 5 not outs
AM - 258 runs, 204 balls, 8 innings, 2 not outs
LH - 251 runs, 316 balls, 11 innings, 4 not outs
JT - 197 runs, 227 balls, 12 innings, 2 not outs
AL - 160 runs, 175 balls, 11 innings, 2 not outs
BD - 103 runs, 113 balls, 10 innings
RD - 94 runs, 104 balls, 10 innings

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