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Tresco Island 2023 Calendar

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Enjoy a different view of Tresco each month with this stunning calendar, shot and created by islander Ellie Tabron.
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Islander and photographer Ellie Tabron says of the Tresco 2023 calendar:

This Tresco calendar is comprised of images captured between February 2021 and January 2022. A period not lacking challenges, but that saw us beginning to feel more normal again and gave us a much larger pinch of hopefulness than in other periods of recent history.

Once again I shall take you on a journey - a year on Tresco.

The captions will tell you the where and the when and I, if you'll indulge me for a moment or two, will tell you the more personal story.

In March 2021 I bask in the emerging warmth of the sun on the beach that's at my doorstep, enjoying the last few weeks (if I'm allowed to admit) of the furlough that has followed my maternity leave. By June, I'm back to work, my partner and I ships that pass in the night and we're glad for a break on the mainland as a family. Summer is full of beautiful moments with our 'Tresco family', people whose warmth exceeds even that of the midsummer sun, but it passes too quickly before I've even done half of the things I'd hoped to and I decide to leave my part time job and focus on family as well as my photography and design.

Autumn bathes the island in golden light and gifts us almost as much sunshine as the warmer months did, before winter's gusty weather brings the beaches to life and I enjoy a paddle or two in my wellies, although I discover taking December's shot that they're no longer water tight!

The New Year arrives full of promise and for me, anticipation, another child, a tiny little bean, nestled into my womb.'

Join Ellie for a year's worth of Tresco views and memories with the 2023 Tresco calendar.

About Ellie

Ellie lives on Tresco with partner Sam and her two children, Jude and Etta. She has recently turned her passion for photography into a part-time profession, and says of her journey:

'In early 2020, heavily pregnant and negotiating the strangeness of a world growing more unrecognisable by the day, I put my feelers out on social media to see if anyone would be interested in buying a calendar - both a passion project and an insurance policy in an uncertain time financially. I was overwhelmed by the positive response.

By the summer I was selling calendars, notecards and postcards both online and on my home island of Tresco and as the year progressed Iwas lucky enough to work freelance with a handful of local businesses too. It’s hard to imagine, just one year on, that it all started from an Instagram Story.'

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