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This Sporting Isle 2012

In terms of sporting triumph in 2012, for much of the year we were all at sea – it was only the Tresco & Bryher Rowing Club that could really claim to have had some success.

The Men’s A crew in the renovated Men-a-vaur secured a healthy clutch of trophies including: the John Jenkins (St Mary’s to Tresco), Simpson (Tresco to St Mary’s), Dustcart (St Agnes to St Mary’s), Morley (St Martin’s to St Mary’s) and Scillonian Club Shield. This was the crew that had done so valiantly in the 2012 World Pilot Gig Championships in May.

After a brilliant and vigorous first race from St Agnes, they held on to finish 23rd overall in the Alfie Jenkins. (Pictured top from left are cox Steve Parkes, Alex Christopher, Will Ash, Jamie Parkes, Jake Newton, David Reiss and Andrew Hulands).

The Men’s Novice crew were equally impressive – they finished 65th overall which is quite exceptional considering they are a genuinely novice crew. A great effort by the lads but also by their steely cox Susanna Gates, who has coached them superbly. Pictured from left are Alex Prain, Peter Kiss, Tomas Chytra, John McMurray, Zoltan Gal, Jonny Fischer and Susanna Gates.

The Ladies’ A crew had a storming first race coming in 32nd out of 125. Competition was fierce and though their final position slipped to 48th, it was a valiant effort, not least by the crew’s youngest paddle, Connie Lawson aged 16. Rowing in the Alfie Jenkins were, from the bow, Connie Lawson, Edit Toth, Michelle Oyler, Kairen Carter, Alison Douglas, Lisa Roberts and the cox, Jack Carter.

The Ladies’ Novice crew also performed well and came a creditable 108th – from the front – Sam Reed, Jana Chytra, Kate Clement, Katalin Kurko, Helen Wilson, Stephanie Williams. Their cox and photographer of all the crew images is George Kershaw.

The Men’s A Crew
John Jenkins (St Mary’s to Tresco)
Simpson (Tresco to St Mary’s)
Dustcart ( St Agnes to St Mary’s)
Morley (St Martin’s to St Mary’s)
Scillonian Club Shield

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Tresco & Bryher C.C.

The cricket team had a rather less distinguished season in terms of silverware but this happy band more than made up for it with sportsmanship and beer. Apart from the great joy of finally winning a match (mid-August), the highlight for the Tresco & Bryher Cricket Club was probably the Old Gentlemen vs. Young Gentlemen match held in September. This was covered at length in a previous issue but it did underline the great value to the club of up and coming youth, most notably, brothers Hamish and Luke Hamilton and Henry Johnson. There is hope for us yet.

Tresco Triathlon

In terms of the year’s most singular triumph, the prize has to go to Graham Clegg who swam, rode and ran to victory in the Tresco Triathlon. The island’s favourite bikeman completed the course in 1hr 12mins and 45 secs. The 4th Tresco Triathlon is taking place on 30th June this year.

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