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Yoga & Meditation Easter Workshops

Relax and unwind over the Easter break with three special yoga & meditation workshops...

Bryher islander Gem Hansen will be joined by Billy Harrigan for a set of workshops focusing on yoga & meditation. Booking is essential - please contact the Spa on 01720 424075 to secure your spot.


Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga

Monday 15th April, 11am at Tresco Heliport
60-minute session - £15
Beginners welcome.


Vinyasa is a flowing sequence of postures involving the synchronisation of breath and movement to increase flexibility, strength and stamina and calm your mind.  This class balances conscious alignment with blissful relaxation and will include asana (postures with alignment), pranayama (breathing techniques) savasana (relaxation) and an integration of yogic philosophy.


Go with the Flow - a Yoga Workshop

Tuesday 16th April, 6.30pm-8pm
90-minute session - £15
Some experience of yoga advisable.

This workshop will explore the energetic body through the eastern concepts of physiology such as the chakras, bandhas, nadis and koshas. The familiar, physical aspects of our anatomy are sustained by energy (chi) which can be channelled, with understanding, for positive effect. Using somatic teaching we will introduce methods of stimulating and regulating this energy.

This workshop will be excellent for anyone wishing to deepen their yoga practice and will include 45 minutes of discussion and method followed by a 45 minute vinyasa flow class.


The Art of Looking In - a Meditation Workshop

Good Friday 19th April, 9am at Tresco Heliport
75 minute session - £12

Suitable for beginners and beyond.

This friendly, informal workshop will be in the format of discussion and method, offering an introduction to meditation including why we meditate and how to establish a practice. Billy will offer details of his personal experience and various techniques to suit individuals.
We will explore pranayama (breathing exercises) and follow guided meditations with a welcoming approach to enquiry of our understanding.

Meditation is renowned for the following physical, mental and emotional benefits:
• lowering blood pressure
• improving breathing and heart rate
• boosting energy and immunity
• increasing focus, self-awareness and self-acceptance
• reducing stress and promoting well-being


About the teachers:


Gem has adapted her practice over the years to suit her lifestyle, enjoying pregnancy yoga, attending vinyasa flow classes and now has a daily home practice. She particularly enjoys studying and is looking forward to training in different styles and approaches. Gem believes in yoga's incredible capacity to find harmony between the opposing energies of the world and aims to create classes that offer both strength and serenity. She is thrilled to be teaching yoga in her island home. Gem is accredited with 250 hours certified by Yoga Alliance and holds a Level 3 First Aid Certificate.

Billy discovered yoga and meditation sometime in early nineties Australia and has practised various styles throughout the years ever since, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot but always maintaining his practice.  He first thought of doing Yoga Teacher Training in 1996, and after 22 years of mindful consideration he undertook and qualified with 250 hours with Yoga Alliance in 2018! Billy loves his yoga and likes to put together a strong, fluid Vinyasa class.  His musical background means he also rocks a groovy kirtan!


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