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Gallery Tresco October 2015 show

"Around the point"
Work by students of BA Drawing at Falmouth University

"There was a smell in the air of tar and rope and rusted chain,
a smell of tidal water.  Down harbour, around the point,
was the open sea.  Here was the freedom I desired,
long sought-for, not yet known.
Freedom to write, to walk, to wander, freedom to climb hills,
to pull a boat, to be alone . . . I for this, and this for me."
Daphne du Maurier

The creative inspiration of the Isles of Scilly and Cornwall has long been acknowledged by artists and writers of every kind and the opportunity to study the Cornish landscape is highly valued by the undergraduates of Falmouth University's BA Drawing.  Drawing is a very particular skill, when you look at something when you have a pencil in your hand you see things differently - the process of selection, attention to certain details, filtering of visual information and choices of line, mark and tone makes every drawing personal to its maker and a unique insight into how they see the world.  Often the history of a drawing is evident, subtle changes and altered decisions may remain as ghosts which chart the drawing process and add to the complexity of the visual language.  When you have drawn something you rarely forget it, the details stay with you forever.  The students of BA Drawing will never forget their experiences of spending a week on Tresco during the first term of their studies.  For many of the Drawing scholars on their first trip, Tresco seems like Narnia - a magical place of almost mythical beauty, diversity and romance.  Learning to draw is all about practise and repetition, so what was started on Tresco has been honed and developed back at the studios and lessons learned have been repeated using other parts of Cornwall as subject matter.

This, the second exhibition of work from Falmouth University's Drawing students, celebrates the generosity and encouragement of Lucy and Robert Dorrien-Smith, whose support of this newly established course is greatly valued and appreciated by us all.

Isolde Pullum
Senior Lecturer, BA Drawing, Falmouth University


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